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Masonry Repair

We are a licensed Chimney Repair and Masonry Repair Company servicing the greater area’s of Corvallis and Albany, Oregon. 

Listed below is some of the repair services we offer along with a brief description.


Tuck-pointing is the grueling process of grinding out loose and decaying joints of the chimney and refilling them with new high strength mortar. Tuck-pointing is essential if you start to notice missing mortar between bricks, cracked joints, mortar chunks falling out or joint turning to a sand. If left unfixed the structural integrity of your chimney is drastically reduced. This is also a huge factor for water damage inside of homes.

To help prevent tuck-pointing from occurring you must have your Chimney Seals with ChimneySavor every 10 years!

Crown Repair

The Crown of the chimney is the top layer of Mortar also referred to as the Chimney Cap. The crown of a chimney is made with a special type of mortar. The top layer of mortar is what holds the chimney together and helps to keep rain from penetrating inside the chimney. The Crown also holds together Flue Tiles and helps to keep everything together in one piece. Problems with your Crown are generally easy to identify. Several ways to identify problems with your chimney crown is visible cracks, missing mortar and separation from the top layer of brick,


Chimney Flashing is one of the most common area’s for a leaky chimney. Having proper flashing in place and in good shape can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs to your home. Proper flashing around a chimney includes two layers. The first layer of flashing is your “Roof Flashing. The roof flashing goes beneath your roof and bends up along the chimney. The second layer of flashing is called your “Counter Flashing”. This second layer of flashing comes out of the Chimney’s mortar joint and folds down over the Roof Flashing. The flashing should be tight if properly installed. As an extra layer of protection we caulk the flashing. Caulking overtime will loosen and will need to be reapplied over time. Having an annual inspection of your chimney will insure that everything is in good working condition.

If you notice that your flashing is rusted, loose or missing mortar where the flashing goes into the chimney, Call Right Away!

Waterproofing the Chimney

The most common problem with a Chimney developing problems is lack of being waterproof. Your chimney is naturally absorbent and is like a sponge. When moisture gets into the chimney it expands and contracts with the elements which leads to expansion and contracting resulting in the chimney deterioration and ultimately structural failure.

All new and existing masonry chimney’s are susceptible to water damage. Chimney’s will continue to deteriorate unless they are protected with ChimneySavor Water Repellant. ChimneySavor Water repellant is the only product developed specically for chimney’s that works.

Sealing the Chimney is one of the most common things that get overlooked at the home.

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